Fairwind Yacht Club has a Board with the following Officers elected by the Membership:

Lenox Grasso
MdR Port Captain
Scott Kelly
CIH Port Captain
Adrienne O'Donnell
FYC Treasurer
Abigail Convery
FYC Secretary
Art Toye
MdR Fleet Captain
Steve Fenster
MdR Rear Commodore
Bruce Gale
MdR Membership Secretary
John Mudgett
CIH Fleet Captain
Alan McGovern
CIH Rear Commodore
Oded Barlev
CIH Membership Secretary

The following posts are appointed by the FYC Board:

Scott Kelly
CIH Cruise Chair
Arlene DeAnda
MdR Cruise Chair
Chelsea Collins, MD
CIH Fleet Surgeon
Ken Murray, MD
MdR Fleet Surgeon
Mike McKinsey
MdR Race Chair
Michael Adams
CIH Safety Officer
Mark Salkin
MdR Safety Officer
Bob Hoffman
Staff Commodore
Dennis Derley
CIH Assistant Rear Commodore Large Boats
Geoff Warner
CIH Assistant Rear Commodore Medium Boats
Tom Dotz
CIH Assistant Rear Commodore Small Boats
Murielle Hamilton
Newsletter Editor
Michael Mariani
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