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FYC May 28 Announcement

Hello Fairwinders,

The other Members of the FYC Executive Board and I are delighted to announce that FYC will partially re-open at 0900 Sat 30 May 2020 in both Harbors for all boats and all other assets.

Sometime within the next 24-36 hours, the red bars in Schedule Master will truncate to that time on that date. This is Phase 2.

There are conditions, listed in the “Virus.Phase.2.Rules” attachment.  When a rule says “In CIH” or “In MdRH”, the rule applies to just that Harbor. If there is no distinction, the rule applies to all of FYC.

In MdRH, Beaches and Harbors has permitted us to open all our boats for up to a maximum of 6 total same-household people onboard. This means everyone onboard must routinely live within the same domicile.

In CIH, the same rule applies, but CIH can alternately have a crew of up to a maximum of 2 total mixed-household people onboard. So, in CIH, that means 6 total same or 2 total mixed household. Not 8 total.

There is another attachment, the “Virus.Hold.Harmless” agreement.

This text will appear when you try to make a reservation in Schedule Master. You must click “Agree” if you want your reservation to form.

Something else, Schedule Master will look different to most of you because we are switching over to the New Interface. When you are accustomed to it, I think you will find it easier to use and better to understand. For one thing, you can see all 24 hours of each day. But be careful not to make a reservation for 1am when you intend 1pm.

Please open, read, obey the “Virus.Phase.2.Rules” attachment. For some of you, these rules may seem terse or even impolite. My intent is to limit every rule to one line, and all rules to one page. So, every word has to count. Also, this is serious business, so the tone reflects that reality.

After Catalina 2H partially re-opened, there was some discussion about limiting all reservations to just day sails for the near future. We did not do that but if there is a groundswell for it, we could survey Membership.

All Open Houses and Work Days remain deleted through 30 Jun.

I’ve been asked to explain again the 36-hour gap that Schedule Master enforces on reservations. When you try to make a reservation, there must be 36 hours of time with no other reservations by anyone else both before and after your reservation. There is one subtle exception if the previous reservation is one particular flavor of “Club Use”.

It’s like when you’re looking for a space to parallel park your car, you
have to find a spot that has room for your car and enough space both before it and behind it to get into that spot. The car is your reservation and the spaces before (in front) and behind your car are set at 36 hours.

That’s it for now. Good luck, be very careful, try to have fun out there.

Also, be certain to read the FYC Newsletter on Mon 1 Jun for why we re-closed the Club in MdRH on Fri 22 May and other developments.


Lx, Commodore, Port Captain MdRH

Lynn Dunham, Port Captain CIH, Fleet Captain CIH
Oded Barlov, Membership Secretary CIH
Hal Cohen, Rear Commodore CIH
Stephen Fenster, Rear Commodore MdRH
Bruce Gale, Membership Secretary MdRH
Adrienne O’Donnell, Club Treasurer
Florinda Ramos, Club Secretary
Arthur Toye, Fleet Captain MdRH


FYC May 18 Announcement

Hello Fairwinders,

The other Members of the FYC Executive Board and I are delighted
to announce that FYC will partially re-open at 0900 Mon 18 May 2020
for Kayaks, Paddleboards, and Small Boats in both Harbors.

Medium Boats and Large Boats will not re-open at this time, but the
Executive Board is in a constant state of re-evaluation with Beaches
and Harbors and recommendations of the FYC Virus Committee.

Please open, read, print out, and carry with you the two attachments to this email (LINKS BELOW) that describe the conditions and rules of re-opening.


As is the case with all FYC Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Training
Documents, each Member is responsible for reading and abiding by
the contents of these two attachments as well as any other official
Club communication by e-mail or in the monthly FYC Newsletter.

All Open Houses and Work Days have been deleted through 30 Jun
to open more time for reservations. Currently, a 36-hour gap interval
is enforced by Schedule Master between all new reservations.


FYC Commodore

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