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Fairwind Yacht Club - Cruising

Fairwind 2017 Cruise and Event Schedule

Channel Islands Schedule

March 4 Whale Watch Day Sail

March 31 - April 2 CIH Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

May 5 - 7 Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

June 2 - 4 Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

July 7 - 9 Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

August 4 - 6 Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

September 8 - 10 Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

October 6 - 8 Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

November 3 - 5 Cruise to Santa Cruz Island

December 9 Parade of Lights








Fairwind Yacht Club has an active cruising schedule.

Whether you're an experienced cruiser or a first time sailor, there's room on a Fairwind Cruise for you.

For information on future events, please look at the schedules in the left and right hand sidebars.

The Cruise Chair for MdR or CIH will send out global email announcements about one month prior to the event or cruise.

In general for cruises:

  • Bring Food to share,
  • Plenty of warm clothes,
  • Thermos of hot chocolate, soup, etc. and
  • maybe a water-tight camera!

The CIH Cruise Chair is Scott Kelly.

The MdR Cruise Chair is Arlene de Anda.

Catalina cruise in May 2017

Marina del Rey Schedule

 April 28 – 30 Cruise to Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor

Friday night Happy Hour and 4th Fridays at the Pike

May 12-14 Cruise to Two Harbors

Shipwreck Weekend

Celebrate a spring getaway, island style, at our 5th annual Shipwreck Weekend, complete with live entertainment, and shipwreck themed events.

August 11-13 Cruise to Cat Harbor

Perseid Meteor Shower Cruise

Sept. 1-4 Cruise to Two Harbors and Emerald Bay

Oct. 27-29 Cruise to Long Beach Rainbow Harbor

Friday night Happy Hour and 4th Fridays at the Pike

Dec. 9 Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade

Weather permitting – Day sail, dinner dock party and Holiday Boat viewing.  Participate in one segment, or all.

 Last Updated 10/2/17