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Fairwind Yacht Club - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Fairwind Yacht Club

If I need to improve my sailing skills, will you teach me?

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What if I'm already an experienced sailor?

What does it cost?

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Why is the club so inexpensive?

Because everyone who joins is expected to volunteer to serve! This is the secret of our more than four decades of successful low-cost operation. The Commodore, Board Members, Boat Chiefs, Cruise Chairman, Sailing Instructors, Editor - ALL VOLUNTEER. If new members have previous sailing club experience, or boating talents, we all will benefit.

What kind of boats does the club have?

Fairwind members have use of the following boats:

See our Fleet Information page for more details.

Where are the boats kept?

All boats are in the water, ready to sail. They are located in Dock G1400, Marina del Rey and at Peninsula Yacht Marina in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard.

Who is in the club?

Men and women, from age 20 and up, some single, some married, some with children. Some experienced sailors, some new to sailing.

I want to check the club out - where do we meet?


Marina Del Rey usually meets on the first Saturday of every month and Channel Islands Harbor, on the third Sunday of each month.  These are the best times to meet members of the Club and you will probably be invited to sail in the afternoon.  But these dates sometimes get changed, especially for Holidays e.g. the July 4 weekend.

Once I'm "checked-out", how do I reserve a boat?

Reservations are made on-line through our website. A reservation guarantees you sailing time - even during the warm summer months.


When can I go cruising to Catalina, etc.?

As a crewperson, go as soon as you join. The Club has cruises each year to Avalon and the Isthmus; to Long Beach, and brunch and dinner cruises to King Harbor. To cruise as a Skipper, you must learn the boat; be checked-out; and have completed American Sailing Association courses.

Once I'm "checked-out", Is there a boat for me?

Yes, boats are there for you to sail almost any time. However, as you improve and progress through the Club, you are expected to volunteer - TO RETURN THE HELP given to you by fellow Club members. You learn, you offer to teach and you serve newer members.

How are the boats maintained?

Each boat has a volunteer member assigned as Boat Chief. Major work is contracted, minor work is done by members working with the Boat Chief on Saturday work days or at other times.

What's the catch?

There is none - except that each member is expected to contribute time and help to the Club in what ever way he or she can. Members serve as officers, as newsletter editor, as sailing instructors, as cruise chairperson, or by helping with boat maintenance.

Does the club carry insurance?

Yes, for both hull damage and liability. There is, however, a deductible amount - very similar to one's automobile insurance.

After reading the FAQ, who can I contact?

Contact Us: Web Form

How can I apply for membership to Fairwind?

The membership application is linked here: Application (PDF)

 Last Updated 10/2/17